2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

For the past year, Asia Pacific Memo has focused on the Japan earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster.

In March 2012, Dr. David W. Edgington summarized his post-disaster research in Soma City, a remote agriculture and fishing town along the coast. Lessons learned in disaster response from Soma City suggest that communication protocols between differentlevels of government need to be altered.

Dr. Daniel P. Aldrich argued that decision makers should help social networks flourish in post-disaster Japan. Communities with deeper, tighter social networks display more resilience and their residents repopulate damaged areas more quickly.

Last year, in addition to our interviews with Dr. Edgington and former Canadian Ambassador to Japan, Joseph Caron, our faculty member, Jessica Main discussed Japanese Buddhist organizations’ disaster relief efforts.

Months before this Japanese disaster, Dr. Edgington talked to us about lessons from rebuilding Kobe after the 1995 Hanshin earthquake.

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