Thailand 2011 Election and 2010 Conflict

October 27, 2011 update:

Our Memo from October 27, 2011 featuring Nelson Rand on the Dramatic Reforms in Burma, also includes two videos: 1) Political situation in Thailand (2:12 min) and 2) Managing Thailand’s floods (1:46 min).


The 2010 Thailand conflict was the first topic that Asia Pacific Memo featured when it launched on July 8, 2010. Since then, the collection grew to encompass five Memos relating to the conflict, analyzing topics such as Thai academics and the role of religion.

We also interviewed Nelson Rand, a Canadian journalist based in Bangkok, who was wounded while covering the protests in the summer of 2010. Earlier this year, Mr. Rand wrote a Memo about the first anniversary of Thailand’s red-shirt protesters’ massive street campaign in Bangkok.

On July 14, 2011, we published an analysis by Aim Sinpeng on the 2011 Thailand election and included a comment from Nelson Rand.

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