2 responses to “Has Chinese foreign policy in Southeast Asia entered a bolder and more assertive phase?”

  1. Boo jock

    Your analysis is spot on. I agree wholeheartedly as I follow politics in China n Malaysia for many years now.
    I may add that China remembers the huge contributions overseas Chinese, sacrificed and contributed to the rebuilding of China by sending old clothes, monies and donating to build schools and road to their ancestral villages, mine included.
    The gratitude was expressed by the then Premier Zhou Enlai to a delegation of community leaders including my father in 1956. This gives you a better insight as to why China treats their overseas brethren like their own citizenry especially when discrimination and racisms run high. China rescued Chinese Indonesians when there was a racial massacre in the sixties by sending two passenger vessels to repatriated back to China averting further bloodbath.

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