4 responses to “Overhauling China’s Organ Transplant System”

  1. Prisoner Organ Harvesting Phaseout Soon to Begin - China Digital Times (CDT)

    […] having an organ transplant system that relies on organs harvested from executed prisoners. After a policy overhaul that began in 2007 and a pilot program that has been in operation since 2010, China’s vice minister of health Huang Jiefu announced last year that this practice […]

  2. China Still Using Prisoners’ Organs for Transplants - China Digital Times (CDT)

    […] in 2010 launched a pilot program to reform its organ transplant system. The pilot sought the eventual transition to a national voluntary donation system. Last December, the Ministry of Health promised that prisoner organ harvesting would be phased […]

  3. Official Denies Breaking Vow to Ban Prisoners' Organs - China Digital Times (CDT)

    […] health and human rights organizations. Recently, China launched pilot programs aimed at eventually overhauling the system nationwide to rely on voluntary donations. Last December, the Ministry of Health vowed that the harvesting of prisoner’s organs would […]

  4. Ethicists Protest China's Invite to Vatican Organ Summit - China Digital Times (CDT)

    […] after years of policy adjustment and the conclusion of a pilot program, China began an overhaul of its organ transplant system, which had long been criticized for its […]